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Onboard Purification & Filtration

Relied on by master sailors all over the world, the simplicity, efficiency and unparalleled reliability of Seagull IV and Nature Pure systems are the “go-to choice” for the best in potable water purification and filtration.

  • The Nature Pure drinking water system is especially suited to RVs, small boats, and icemakers. Because it has no V-clamps, shear rods or separate pressure vessels, changing filter canisters couldn’t be easier.

  • Nature Pure Select QC2-PB system includes an interface with tethered sanitary by-pass connector, a NSF42/53 Nature Pure PB2QC canister, connection lines (2), plastic tee, cap nut, and a point-of-use LFP chrome faucet with ceramic disk valving.

  • The Seagull IV X-1B/F/KFE system is intended for drinking water or icemakers on RVs and small boats. The stainless steel canister installs easily beneath a sink or countertop and ties into the onboard water connection. The filter lasts about a year and is easily changed. Faucet options available. Includes metal mounting bracket and connection lines.

  • The Seagull IV X-2B system doubles the capacity and throughput of the X-1B and is the best choice for large vessels with higher water filtration requirements. Its stainless steel housing fits easily beneath the sink or countertop and ties into the mains water connection. The filter lasts about a year and is easily changed. Faucet options available. Includes metal mounting bracket and connection lines.

  • Manufactured to the same exacting standards as all Seagull IV systems, Select X2-PB is designed for microbiologically safe water sources where Lead removal is a primary concern. In addition the exceptional removal of water-borne Cysts, Particles, and Foul Tastes/Odors from your water used for drinking and food preparation, means Select X1-PB is your first choice for providing safe drinking and cooking water that is free of lead contamination.

  • Easy to install and maintain and large enough to handle the total water supply of a large boat or yacht, the Spark-L-Pure® water microfiltration system is our workhorse installation. This is the best choice for high-throughput needs, especially industrial and commercial environments, where the fresh water supply is already microbiologically acceptable. Includes a secure metal marine/RV mounting bracket.

  • Combining high throughput and the best filtrations, the Seagull IV X-6 system is suited for very large vessels, yachts, and high use situations. Enjoy fresh-tasting water free of bacteria, cysts, giardia, crypto, and viruses – instantly, with no chemicals, hold-time, or electricity. Multiple X-6s may be installed in parallel to increase capacity, or in series to maximize purification. Includes stainless steel housing with a secure metal marine bracket.

  • Designed to treat water as it fills the onboard tanks. Dockside™ prefiltration system removes chlorine, abrasive sand, dirt, rust, and suspended particulates, and prefilters fresh water you might use from dock side or marina sources while you cruise.

Seagull® IV
Seagull® IV Select
Seagull® IV
Spark-L-PureNature PureNature Pure
Flow Rate1 gpm (X-1B)
2 gpm (X-2B)
1 gpm (X-1PB)
2 gpm (X-2PB)
6 gpm26 gpm.8 gpm.75 gpmmanual pump
Particle Retention0.4 micron3 micron0.4 micron3 micron0.4 micron3 micron3 micron
Bacteria & Viruses
Waterbourne Cysts
Specific Organic Chemicals
Foul Taste/Odors