Fresh, Clean Drinking Water Everywhere

Microbiologically safe water when camping, hiking, traveling, and in emergency situations.

Backpacking, Camping, Emergency Preparedness — Personal Water Purifier

Lightweight and Effortless

Ready to use right out of the box, the First Need® XLE Water Purifier is an indispensable part of your backpacking, camping and emergency preparation kit. This ultraportable system weighs just sixteen ounces and provides purified water from natural water sources such as lakes, streams, rivers and ponds.

Vacationing and Business Travel

Durable and Portable

Trav-L-Pure® personal water purification system is ideal for vacation, business, or any other travel where access to clean healthy water is of concern. Compact and light weight with no hoses or external parts, Trav-L-Pure® is a dependable travel companion.

Campsites, Cabins, and Picnics

Fresh, Clean Water at Your Base Camp

With First Need® Base Camp you’ll always have safe, purified water by your tent or cabin. Our best filtration technology removes bacteria, cysts, giardia, crypto, viruses, particles, tank taste, odors, and specific organic chemicals including chlorine.

First Need® XLETrav-L-Pure®Base Camp
Flow Ratemanual pumpmanual pumpmanual pump
Particle Retention0.4 micron0.4 micron0.4 micron
Bacteria & Viruses
Waterbourne Cysts
Specific Organic Chemicals
Foul Taste/Odors