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Purify Your Water Naturally

Our water purification systems remove unwanted waterborne contaminates while leaving dissolved minerals and electrolytes essential to good health and good taste.


A Professional Water Purification System Designed for Your Home

Seagull® IV isn’t just a filter, it’s water purification that’s easily installed under your sink. Our Structured Matrix™ technology provides the cleanest, safest, and best tasting water on demand.


Onboard Water Purification Products for Boats and Recreational Vehicles

We supply market-leading water purification products for boats and recreational vehicles, so you can have the benefit of delicious pure drinking water even when you’re traveling.


First Need® and Base Camp® Portable Water Purification

First Need and Base Camp products provide the ideal solution for obtaining microbiologically safe water when camping, hiking, traveling, and in emergency situations.

Technology So Advanced You Can Taste The Difference

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Healthier. Fresher. Safer.

The Quality of Your Water Brings Out the Best in Your Foods

Make your food look and taste its best. Rinse and cook it with high-quality purified water.

Our Water Purification Systems Remove

  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Chlorine
  • Foul Tastes
  • Unpleasant Odors
  • Strange Colors

First Class Taste

Our Products are Trusted by Major Airlines


Versa-Pure® Water Purification and Filtration Systems for Aircraft

General Ecology has designed and developed the most advanced range of ‘point-of-use’ water purification and filtration systems for the international aviation industry.