Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this system remove Covid 19?

    General Ecology’s proprietary water purification technology has been independently tested and documented to meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) microbiological standards for drinking water purifiers, which encompass pathogenic cysts, bacteria and viruses.

    Customers have been using our systems to protect their health and enhance the quality of their drinking water for over 45 years in residential, commercial, recreational and emergency preparedness situations. 

    According to EPA, CDC and WHO guidance, the risk of COVID-19 virus in drinking water is low. However, homeowners who are concerned about pathogens such as viruses in drinking water may consider approaches that remove bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, including certified home treatment devices.

    General Ecology’s purification systems continue to be an important component in protecting and enhancing the quality of your water for drinking, food and beverage preparation and personal hygiene.

  • Where can I find a replacement cartridge or accessory?

    If you choose the system you have the replacement cartridge and accessories are listed below the product specifications.

  • Why purify (filter) my water?
    • To improve the taste of the water by removing sediment and chlorine while leaving the salts and minerals
    • To remove disinfection byproducts and other chemical contaminants
    • To protect against microbial contamination
    • To minimize the use of single-use plastics (bottles, etc.)
    • To save money over bottled water
  • Why consider General Ecology Inc.’s drinking water treatment systems?

    Our proprietary technology is designed specifically for point-of-use drinking water purification

    We have been in business since 1973 supplying water purification systems for Aviation, Residential, Marine/RV, outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness applications. We offer rugged and practical designs for real world applications. We purify water without external power, chemicals, or wasted water.

  • What does it do?

    Microbiological purification according to the EPA Guide Standard for testing microbiological water purifiers for removal of bacteria, viruses and cysts. It removes organic chemical contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides and solvents, and aesthetic contaminants such as particulate matter, chlorine, foul tastes and odors.

  • What does it not remove?

    It does not remove dissolved salts and minerals.

  • How does the system work?

    Source water is forced through the Structured Matrix™ cartridge which removes contaminants by means of microfiltration (0.4-micron retention), chemical adsorption, and electrostatic attraction.

  • How long does it last?

    Cartridge life or capacity is affected by source water quality as well as system operating conditions. For a typical RS-1SG cartridge the average life is 1,000 gallons. We recommend cartridge replacement after 1,000 gallons, decreased flow rate, or annually.

  • How is it installed?

    The system is typically installed under the kitchen sink with a dedicated pure water faucet mounted on the counter top. Source water from the cold water supply is plumbed into the housing and then to the dedicated faucet with the included components.

  • Where are products and replacement cartridges available?

    Online from this website, or from a local distributor.

  • What is the return policy?

    Items returned within 30 days will be eligible for a full refund dependent upon return condition.

  • What does the Prop 65 warning on California products mean?

    The Prop 65 warning is a notice required to protect Californians if at any time during the Installation, Operation or Use of a product they may be exposed to any of the 900+ chemicals identified by the California OEHHA as having the potential to increase the risk of cancer or reproductive harm.

    General Ecology, Inc. has done extensive testing to document the performance, safety and integrity of our products and we will continue to use the finest materials and methods available.

    However, since the Installation, Operation and Use of the product is also effected by the customer’s application and interpretation of the regulations is ongoing, we include the Prop 65 warning on products shipped to California. Further information regarding California Prop 65 can be found at