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Versa-Pure® Water Purification and Filtration Systems for Aircraft

General Ecology has designed and developed the most advanced range of ‘point-of-use’ water purification and filtration systems for the International aviation industry. Supplied under the brand name Versa-Pure®, our systems are featured extensively on Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, business aircraft and VIP conversions.

Systems are typically installed in galleys and lavatories and designed to provide either, or a combination of:

  • Water purification (safe potable water from biologically unsafe sources)
  • Water filtration (particulate removal)
  • Contaminate Removal
  • Aesthetic Improvement (removal of taste and odor associated with tanked water)
  • Scale Control (removal / prevention of calcium build resulting from hard water sources)

Versa-Pure Product Families

Versa-Pure’s three product families provide designers and operators with multiple configurable options. To contact us for more information, or to download selection/ordering guides for the systems below, click here.