Simple, efficient, and requiring no electricity or chemicals, Seagull IV systems provide superior tasting, healthy water for your lifestyle. Drink the Best!

  • The Seagull IV X-1B system provides safe, reliable great tasting water for residential kitchens, and icemakers. The aerospace grade stainless steel system installs easily beneath a sink or countertop and ties into the mains water connection. The filter lasts about a year and is easily changed ensuring safe , great tasting water year after year. Multiple Faucet options are available as well as being compatible with existing faucets.

  • Manufactured to the same exacting standards as all Seagull IV systems, Select X1-PB is designed for microbiologically safe water sources where Lead removal is a primary concern. In addition the exceptional removal of water-borne Cysts, Particles, and Foul Tastes/Odors from your drinking water means Select X1-PB is your first choice for providing safe drinking water that is free of lead contamination. Registered for residential applications in California with the State Water Resource Control Board.

Seagull® IV
Seagull® IV Select
Flow Rate1 gpm1 gpm
Particle Retention0.4 micron3 micron
Bacteria & Viruses
Waterbourne Cysts
Specific Organic Chemicals
Foul Taste/Odors