Over the years, various General Ecology products have been tested to conform with the following industry standards:
* Pressure Vessel Integrity: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Section 8
* Materials of Construction: American Society of Testing Materials A 167, ASTM B16, ASTM D2000,
* Non-leaching Standards: NSF 53
* Materials in Water Contact Applications: USFDA
* NSF53 -- Pertinent Sections * State Requirements:
• California Testing Protocol
• New York Testing Protocol
• Wisconsin Plumbing Codes
• Massachusetts Plumbing Codes

General Ecology Purification Technology Tested & Verified the World Over
Over the years, various General Ecology products have been tested to conform with overall product safety and effectiveness verification:
Analytical Consulting Service, Inc. Kinsington, MD USA
Betz, Converse, Murdoch, Inc. Plymouth Meeting, PA USA
Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO USA
Field Epidemiology Survey Team Miami, FL USA
Food Quality Lab/Pacific Pure Water, Inc. Honolulu, HI USA
Food Research Institute Madison, WI USA
General Ecology Water Research Lab Exton, PA USA
Marine Testing Institute Mamaroneck, NY USA
Marist College Research Institute Poughkeepsie, NY USA
National Testing Laboratories, Inc. Cleveland, OH USA
Rockaway Township Health Department Rockaway, NJ USA
Roy Weston Laboratories West Chester, PA USA
Spectrum Labs Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
State of Massachusetts Massachusetts USA
State of Wisconsin Madison, WI USA
Suffolk County NY Health Department Hauppauge, NY USA
Tighe & Bond Easthampton, MA USA
United States Army Biomedical R&D Lab Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD USA
United States Testing Company, Inc. Tulsa Division, OK USA
University of Arizona Tuscon, AZ USA
Villanova University Villanova, PA USA
Australian Water Board Sydney, Australia
Department of Public Health London, United Kingdom
Food & Hygiene Association Tokyo, Japan
Hungarian Health Ministry Budapest, Hungary
Institut Pasteur Paris, France
Italian Ministry of Health Rome, Italy
National Defence Headquarters Ottowa, Canada
Tokyo Food Sanitation Association Tokyo, Japan
TÜV German Technical Institute Germany
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