Designed for rugged use and a must for expeditions, campsites and family travel. The Base Camp water purifier is laboratory tested and field proven. Base Camp has a stainless steel housing and a double-action pump for more water with less work. Field-serviceable and easily maintained, Base Camp will serve you and your group for many years. Most importantly, we dont make claims not tested by independent laboratories and field service. It is one reason our purifiers are the favorite of expeditions world-wide for over 30 years. Trust your health and safety to nothing less! Independently certified to meet EPA guide standard protocol for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses.

Additional Details

  • Large Capacity
  • High Flow Rate
  • Economical
  • Effective Protection
  • Ergonomic Pump
  • Field-Serviceable
  • Durable Prefilter
  • Compact
  • Water-Resistant Cordura Case


Testimonials for General Ecology Portable Purifiers

Excellent product & very easy to fit with good instructions.
BF - , England

I will not have to buy bottled water ever again!

Excellent shipping time and by ALL accounts the best product for my needs w/o chemical additives.

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