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Eco-friendly, the award winning, point-of-use, Seagull IV drinking water systems provide great tasting water for cooking, drinking and ice-makers without the hassle, wait, waste, or worry of bottled water. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, these stainless-steel systems with replaceable cartridges are backed by over 35 years of use and verified test data. Several models and sizes are available to suit even the most challenging kitchens, baths and bar areas. California certified models available for California residents. Add a Spark-L-Pure large capacity filtration system for chlorine-free showers and whole-house capacity.

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The new First Need XL portable water purifier joins the line of First Need portable water purifiers enabling customers to use General Ecology Inc.’s proprietary “Structured Matrix” technology “on the go.” Independently certified to the EPA Microbiological Guide Standard Protocol Microbiological Purifiers against Bacteria, Cysts and Viruses, First Need portable purifiers also excel at removing chemicals and aesthetic contaminants. “Leave No Trace”, eco friendly systems rid the need for carrying bottled water.

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Seagull IV drinking water purifiers rid fresh water tanks of tank taste and more. The stainless steel housing withstands the harshest salt water environments. Seagull IV purifiers are independently certified to meet the EPA Guide Standard Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers. Seagull IV water purifiers also excel at removing chemicals and aesthetic contaminants. Spark-L-Pure large capacity filtration systems and Dockside Prefiltration systems compliment Seagull IV purifiers for a complete system on-board.

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Using the same unique “Structured Matrix” technology that is employed in its home systems, General Ecology AC3 series drinking water systems join the success of the existing AC2 aircraft systems in giving airline customers the broadest range of solutions to drinking water problems on board airplanes today. All systems are mechanically adaptable to the varied conditions found within the aircraft industry. General Ecology, Inc. is a AS9100, ISO 9001 and FAA Quality Certified Original Equipment and PMA Manufacturer.

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Attention UK Customers
Those customers who previously purchased General Ecology products from the UK distributor; PureWaterOnline Ltd, can purchase direct from General Ecology in the US. Please contact us on either or on +1 844 4418166 (toll free).

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